hi x1000000

(hi hi hi)

you’ve been a juvenile (with a dolphin smile)
I can’t sleep tonight
(we can not wait much longer)

hey I found a whistle that hangs like a charm
you’re such to a bug to me man

(sixteen - no doubt, why does it always rain on me - travis, from off to on - the knife, I found a whistle - MGMT, bug - wavves)

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too sly in your ways
into the light of mine

there’s a blue light in my best friend’s room
she knew she was able to fly
I will bury you in time

(opaque - eagulls, rutti - slowdive, blue light - mazzy star, polar bear - ride, i will bury you in time - neutral milk hotel)


Send me a ‘hi’ and I will put my playlist on shuffle, write down the first line of five songs and give it to you as a poem.


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  1. fandom you are no longer in but will always be in your heart?
    Inception! I still go wild for that film. I wrote fanfic and drew fanart for it for a while. I still have all the drafts and notes for ‘Surfacing’, which was a novel-length Inception fanfic I got halfway through posting on It was about Ariadne developing severe insomnia after the mission and losing the ability to dream, and her attempts to reconnect with the team and find a “cure” as her life falls apart. Also, I can pretty much quote the dialogue from the film line for line. You are waiting for a train…

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i am going to see neutral milk hotel next week (sooo psyched omg) and one of your mixes introduced me to them so i just thought i'd say thank you wow

so am I!!! I’m so pumped to see them, it’s gonna be a blast! I’m also honoured to hear I introduced them to you - my cousin (who, coincidentally, was a drummer in a heavy metal band at the time) burned me a copy of their album a few years ago when he used to make me a lot of mix cds, so I have him to thank. it’s a chain of musical inspiration!

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