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talk to me about the dark side of nerd girl culture pls
- Anonymous


oh god you jump me with this question.

I think the dark side applies similarly to nerd girls and guys, but it’s usually never discussed about girls—which I’ll get to later.

The dark side of nerddom starts with an overblown sense of superiority paired with crippling insecurity. Brains over brawn, anti-popularity, anti-extroversion, anti-feminine, anti-anything threatening what they like. There are the socially awkward who make excuses for their awkwardness rather than attempt to fix it; social skills are important, you shouldn’t be proud of lacking them. Then there are introverts who make it everyone else’s responsibility to mind their shyness and don’t ever consider extrovert needs. Obsessive fans who aggressively push Doctor Who to their friends and being offended when their friends—gasp—don’t share their tastes, and then get super elitist about watching quality British programming.

There is a difference between “being true to yourself” and “not being an ass.” Unless you’re in a restrictive environment, you’re probably not bullied because you like weird things—it’s because you’re annoying and judgmental and maybe a bully yourself.

Now a tangent on nerd girl representation:

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it’s a metaphor; you put your fingers on the keys but you don’t actually do any writing

neonspacetiger replied to your post“FAO usa-based followers: just discovered this amazing thing called a…”
OMG. It’s a wonder I’m not fat with all the Reese’s that’s available to me. It’s too good.
right?? I could eat, like, ten of the things in one sitting. but then I might be a little bit sick.
I also found out that asda stocks pop tarts - which I’ve been meaning to try for ages - so that’s next on my ‘american sweets and treats to try before I die’ list.

FAO usa-based followers: just discovered this amazing thing called a reese’s peanut butter cup. currently catatonic, basking in a glorious sugar high. thank you from the bottom of my cold, withered heart.

Andrew Garfield pretends to be a larva collapse in front of photographers as he arrives inside the cinema for the world premiere of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in London (April 10, 2014) 

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If somebody doesn’t believe in me, I can’t believe in them.

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- When did you realise you were in the wrong exam room?

- Quite early on, but then I thought I was in a dream I once had and that if I kept dancing- uh, one of you would turn into Michaela Strachan and uh, kiss me.

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