i dunno if you're still doing the playlist thing (the one you did for my prompt was brilliant!) but I've started volunteering at a student café every monday morning, and so for an hour or so I get to inflict my music on the unsuspecting customers. Any ideas for playlists etc.?


Uhm! I tend to make my playlists to suit different moods I’m in, especially relating to different stories I write. Most coffee shops I go to tend to play the same songs on repeat (you get a lot of alt-J, grizzly bear, sometimes the smiths). So ideally go for stuff that’s laid-back. I mean, you don’t really need to be told that (hurr hurr cafes are relaxed hurr durr). Just go with a selection of your favourite customer-friendly tunes! I actually put aside an afternoon to go through my itunes library and assemble this playlist should I ever have to use my ipod in a public setting:

etc, etc. (and life goes on). This playlist was made after the great Bring Me The Horizon To The Dinner Table incident of 2013. 

So when you’re making a playlist for a public cafe, I think your theme should just be ‘playing it kinda safe’ + songs you really love. And please don’t make the mistake my employer made and put the Space Jam theme on your never-ending, looping playlist. Because when that’s controlled from another computer, there is no way to turn that shit off. Not even at 7.30 in the morning when you’re restocking the fridges. Y’all ready for this?? Do anything but that.

playlist title: "at the end of all things"

I loved this prompt! Here’s my sadfest “at the end of all things” playlist, inspired by ‘songs my mother refuses to listen to ever since she left my father’ (which was a playlist I had in the works already). In essence, this is my ultimate breakup playlist. On 8tracks!



i love fall colors and fall drinks and fall activities and fall weather and fall clothes but most of all i love fall out boy

Please please please PLEASE make a Welcome to Blunderland or Starving Artists playlist. Or an HPFF playlist. I just never got over it, I loved them all so much!

so I got unreasonably excited about this!! I love making playlists. I actually already have a Blunderland playlist (and an Albus-specific mix) so instead I made THREE Starving Artists playlists…one for Lucy, one for Scorp, and one for them as a couple. ‘Cause, you know, overkill isn’t a word in my book. Hope you enjoy & thanks so much for asking me! :) ♡ ♡ 

(p.s I loved your post where you charted your growth through songs…mine would be something like: Age 12, My Chemical Romance. Age 13, My Chemical Romance. Age 14, My Chemical Romance. Age 15, My Chemical Romance. Age 16, Muse. Age 17+, The Smiths. Conclusion: angst.)



ok i have an idea

message me a made up title of a mixtape/playlist and i have to pick 5 to 10 songs i think would go on it

go on



Hi, I was just wondering, what happens after the end of Weather for Ducks? You left the ending quite open, I'm curious to know :)

Hey! I’m so sorry it took me so long to respond to this, life got the better of me!

Hmm, I went back and skim-read the last few chapters (it has been a while since I wrote it) and yes, I guess I did leave the ending pretty open. I sort of hinted that Lucy and Scorpius get married and have a child, but I didn’t really want to confirm that either way (which I did in the original draft, and didn’t like). I think I wanted readers to be able to decide for themselves where their future lay. If they wanted Lucy and Scorpius to get married and multiply, then there’s evidence of that there. Equally, you can decide that none of that happens. Regardless, there’s got to be a Word of God (lol) on such matters, so I’ve put my definitive ‘what happens next” headcanons under the cut for anybody interested in them! But, all in all, this is just what I think. It’d be cool if everyone came up with their own endings. 

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Title: Braidburn Valley
Artist: Honeyblood
Played: 69 times

♡ post-referendum blues with my favourite new band ♡
normal posting should return soon - life has got the better of me of late.



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