So people can’t see thestrals unless they’ve seen someone die, correct?

Well, what if one summer Remus accidentally got loose during the full moon but Remus thought it was alright and he didn’t hurt anyone because they had been in the middle of a forest area.

And then he goes back to Hogwarts and the first thing he asks is why they’ve started using horses to pull the carriages.



Bold What Applies

My Eye Colour Is:

  • hazel
  • brown
  • blue
  • green
  • other

I Am:

  • tall
  • short
  • average 
  • very tall
  • very short (as in: all of my friends and everyone else that i know is taller than me)

I Have:

  • many good friends and a few acquaintances
  • a few good friends and many acquaintances
  • many good friends and many acquaintances
  • a few good friends and a few acquaintances
  • none of the above

I Am:

  • one of the eldest children in my family
  • one of the middle children in my family
  • one of the youngest children in my family
  • an only child

I Have:

  • broken a bone
  • needed stitches
  • needed surgery
  • had an x-ray taken
  • been on prescription medication
  • been to therapy
  • scars
  • a fear of going to the doctors
  • a relative who works in the medical field

I’m afraid of:

  • heights
  • spiders/bugs
  • needles
  • pain
  • the dark
  • the future
  • what people think of me
  • tests
  • losing someone i love
  • dying

I Have:

  • a job
  • a car
  • pets
  • a best friend
  • friends online
  • my own room

I Know:

  • more than 3.14 of Pi
  • more than one language
  • how to convert km to miles and vice versa
  • the names of most of the states in the United States
  • the names of most of the countries in Europe
  • most of the elements
  • things i shouldn’t

eugh i'm going to send two ships just BECAUSE okay, Lucy/Scorpius and and Draco/Astoria

WOOP WOOP here come the OTPs

I’ll answer under a cut so I don’t bore you all to death - 

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If you were to create the perfect tv show for the people of tumblr, the checklist would be:

  • queer protagonists (but their sexuality is not the focus)
  • non-sexualised and well-rounded female characters
  • villains with a clear and justifiable motive
  • a careful and accurate portrayal of mental health issues
  • a sci-fi or fantasy element
  • a beautiful and lovely cast to fall in love with
  • impeccable script writing, acting, directing and cinematography

yeah wouldn’t that be nice… oh wait



"You’re going to pay," said Malfoy in a voice barely louder than a whisper. "I’m going to make you pay for what you’ve done to my father…"


past left unresolved will continue to haunt you

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excuse me but that is a MADE-UP gender. the only REal genders are as follows:

  • lizard
  • robot
  • merperson
  • a strange buzzing noise
  • alien, I think
  • an insurmountable feeling of dread

you have to pick one. I’m sorry I don’t make the rules

let's shake this up, try draco x luna x astoria~~

YES this is the best bits of my OTPs combined. I have another ask relating to Draco and Astoria, so I might try and make the focus of this ask on Luna/Astoria, but yess my polyamorous pansexual Luna headcanon finally sees the light

  • who is more dominant in the bedroom?:
    Luna. Completely Luna! Fanon tends to think of Draco as a quote unquote sex god but I headcanon him as skittish, never-been-kissed, and all around a bit resentful about matters of the heart. Luna, meanwhile, is completely open to trying new things and, ahem, adventure, so I imagine she’d take the lead in this OT3. Astoria would probably be the most responsive. Lol, this question is basically the making of the ship.
  • who complains the most?:
    Draco, obviously. Postwar, I headcanon the Malfoys as being poor and down on their luck (trial costs, compensation payments, generally finding it difficult to do business, not wanting to live in the manor again) so I imagine he’d find adjusting to life without a mansion and a house elf quite difficult. Astoria wouldn’t be patient enough to deal with Draco’s tantrums, but Luna might be able to work her calming influence on him.
  • who’s the laziest?:
    Astoria. She’s full of “what might have been”s and war horrors, and spends too much of her time dwelling on them.
  • who wakes up the earliest?:
    Astoria. She would be a classic insomniac, waking at 5am in a cold sweat and pacing the room, unable to get back to sleep, glancing resentfully over at Luna and/or Draco all tangled up in the sheets. 
  • who does the chores around the house?:
    Astoria, out of annoyance - Draco is clueless about housekeeping, having never needed to keep a house, and Luna’s got other things on her mind a lot. 
  • who is the most protective of the other?:
    Astoria is protective of Luna, misinterpreting a lot of Luna’s kookiness as mental weakness and wanting to almost babysit her, which is something they’d clash over (Astoria is a peacekeeper, and almost wants to wrap Luna in cotton wool, not fully realising that Luna’s far stronger than most). For similar reasons, Astoria would be protective of Draco too, but she’d want to wrap him in cotton wool to protect the world from him. Like in a sort of ‘wow, I love him to bits and I want him to be safe, but he’s actually a bit of a dick and I hate the thought of other people thinking that’ kinda way.
  • who gets jealous the easiest?:
    Draco. He doesn’t like it when he has to share. Which complicates the OT3. But I think he’d come round to the idea of Luna being a polyamorous pansexual eventually and not get too jealous of her other relationships. 
  • and a song or group of songs that describes the ship:
    I like the idea of this Keaton Henson song for this ship; it reminds me of a sort of heady, consuming love, with a hint of jealousy (having to share!!). This cover of Christmas in Prison is my #1 Draco/Luna song, so I’ll throw that in too. This Lianne La Havas cover of a Leonard Cohen song might work too. And what about FKA Twigs for the Draco/Astoria component, given that I’ve sketched out quite an anxious Astoria??

Thanks for asking this, Gina! It was really fun to think about. Mebbe I’ll end up writing it…y’all know how I feel about my Draco ships. 

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